WSPR Without Tears

This is my cheesy attempt to make the WSPR Without Tears information available to you. I'm not a web page designer, so I've done the bare minimum to provide the actual information.

You should probably start with the WSPR Readme. This provides a quick overview. After that, the Amplifier Quickstart and Antenna Quickstart files are for people who don't want to bother reading the rest of my blather (probably a wise maneuver).

The full documentation contains both of the Quickstart files plus some rambling thoughts on my part, some troubleshooting help, and some directions on post processing data from the WSPRnet site. I'd recommend downloading it just to have it in the background.

WSPR Executables is a .ZIP file containing a couple of programs that I wrote to help find your Raspberry Pi's IP address and to postprocess the data that you get from the site (filter out everything but your data). There is also an SSH Client (kitty.exe) that I just stole (okay, it's public domain, but I didn't write it). It's a very nice piece of code. It's very useful if you need to actually log into your Raspberry Pi for some reason. There's also source code for the packages I used to make the Raspberry Pi transmit WSPR.

Win32DiskImager is a utility to write data to an SD card.

SD Card Image is the image of the filesystem (in other words, everything on the Raspberry Pi). Use Win32DiskImager to write this file to the SD card, which is then installed in the Raspberry Pi.

2019-01-17 22:04:17
WSPR Readme
Amplifier/Filter Quickstart Guide
Antenna Quickstart Guide
WSPR Without Tears (full documentation)
WSPR Executables
SDFormatter 4
Win32DiskImager (write SD card image to SD card)
SD Card Image (careful - this is a big file, 600 Meg, and you probably don't need it)
Experimental SD Card Image (940 meg)

73, Bruce Raymond/ND8I @

I put together this kit and *then* came to the realization that I'm a terrible salesman. Actually, I already knew that, but I'm a slow learner. I turned the kit over to TAPR to sell. Please feel free to contact me if you run into any problems along the way.

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